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  • OMA

One single focus of taking action on your priority tasks one week at a time…

Message that provokes thought and inspires action with a consistent cadence of accountability: plan, do and review your results, learning and becoming…

Away forward with consistent expert support from me on just the things that matter to you…

  • 1 full year of support to set the foundation for sustainable productivity and goal achievement 
  • 52 weekly thought provoking, action inspiring messages delivered directly to your inbox 
  • Weekly intention setting so you have a plan and know what to do before it's time to start 
  • Expansive time for taking action on your top priorities
  • Right-sized coaching customized with your strengths, needs and goals in mind.   
  • Personalized accountability in weekly bites to help finish even your longest lead tasks. 
  • My brain to help you stay unstuck and focused on doing your best work  
  • Ongoing structure and accountability to support learning and build momentum, while measuring success. 
  • No overwhelm from extra training sessions, video calls, social posts, group meetups, or preprogrammed modules.  Just a simple cadence to help you get more done week by week for the next year.


  • Bonus #1: No barrage of emails reminding you of all the things you aren’t doing in the program. (Value –at least an hour a day to redirect to your action plan)
  • Bonus #2: Freedom from the temptation to compare yourself to others in the mastermind you know the one that freezes you up from fear, imposter syndrome and jealousy. (Value –at least an hour a day to redirect to your action plan)
  • Bonus #3: The gift of time to focus on your tasks, win at work, and still have time for yourself and the life you love.   (Value- Priceless)


  • Option 1: $997 as a convenient single payment
  • Option 2: $1164 as 12 easy payments of $97/month

The One Message Away Mastermind is available until: October 6th 12pm

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Still have questions about the One Message Away Mastermind?

See the Q&As below to ensure it's a good fit for you.

Q1: Is Teresa really reading my responses?

A1: Yes! I personally read all emails that come from those in my programs and emails lists.  I already have the appointment on my calendar for time to read your emails and respond.

Q2: What if I need a more in-depth conversation or more live coaching?

A2: At this time the option that allows you to have that level of support would be private 1-2-1 coaching. Packages start at $2000 for 3 months and are dependent on consultation session.  If you’d like to know more, send an email to with Coaching Consult in the subject line. 

The purpose of OMA is to provide an entry level coaching experience. You have productivity challenges; I’m providing accountability and productivity strategies to keep you moving forward.

Q3: What if I’m in another program already? 

A3: Hey that’s cool.  OMA is still a good option for you to get help taking action on all the busy elements of those other programs.  Think about it.  When did you start that program.  How much effort have you put into it? How much personal support do you get.  Are you satisfied with the results of your efforts?

If you know you need to get focused to recoup your investment value there, OMA can help.

Q4: Is this really a mastermind if we don’t meet?

A4: This is more of an MICROmastermind.  There technically are several people that are all committed to taking action engaging their goals the same way you are. You’ll primarily engage with me.

Truth is, YOU are the mastermind in your life.  What I know is if there are too many things to do besides work on your specific tasks, you’ll get distracted, overwhelmed and worn down before you get anything meaningful done.  I want you to have that focus and take action so you get more results.  

Q5: Does this really work?

A5: It works if you set aside 15 minutes each week to reply to my email. The science of accountability helps you overcome dependence on just your own willpower.  When you have a process and know that others are working too, you create a sort of shared inertia where the energy of others helps you get started.  You also have positive pressure, a type of stress that drives you to deliver because you want to show up for others. Additionally, when you have someone regularly checking in stumbling blocks and challenges are highlighted and resolved sooner.

Q6: What happens when I join today? 

A6: You’ll receive a message welcoming you to OMA then a reminder that we’ll start soon.  On Friday October 7th, you’ll receive your first accountability message.  Then every Friday for the next year you’ll receive a message

Q7: What if I want to cancel? 

A7: You need to send an email to with CANCEL in the subject line.  You’ll no longer receive messages or support.  Also, when you confirmed your purchase, you agreed you understood the program is nonrefundable.  If you paid in full there is nothing further to do.  If you chose the payment plan your full balance will be due and will be collected. Please ensure funds are available for payment.

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